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Investigators: Waste On The Water

Investigators: Waste On The Water
Investigators Waste on the Water

In our continuing series of stories, the KING 5 Investigators have uncovered serious problems within the country's largest ferry system - the Washington State Ferries.

By requesting public records, developing sources, and digging through documents they have exposed Waste on the Water .

Warnings by state employees ignored millions of taxpayer dollars in questionable spending and virtually no internal review or accountability.

There stories were a catalyst for significant change. Just ten days after the story involving special projects aired, the expensive perk for some ferry workers was halted.

The head of the state ferry system vowed to make changes and address the deep-rooted practices that have been commonly accepted throughout the fleet for years. And Governor Christine Gregoire has called for an audit of the ferries including an expert panel to conduct a management review of the entire system.

Real results

The series Waste on the Water had significant impact. Just ten days after a story on special projects and travel time aired, the state announced they were ending the 30-year old practice. One ferry manager resigned his position, another was forced to quit. The ferry director decided to give up the lease on some of the housing offered to workers. An 11-page overtime policy was implemented the first of its kind in 50 years. And there s more. State leaders including the governor responded with promises of reform including hiring a deputy director who will hold managers more accountable; a new quarterly red flag report that will show who s making questionable overtime and why; assembling an expert panel that reviewed operations and made recommendations, and ordering a agency-wide audit by the State Auditor s Office . The Transportation Commission voted to freeze fare increases until the reviews of the system were complete. The governor announced that the state and ferry unions struck deals to cut out some of the lucrative perks ferry workers have had for decades. The agreements were historic in nature and said to result in the state saving $10 million a year.

UPDATE: Since the original Waste on the Water series, new issues involving staffing arose in the summer of 2012. KING found dozens of sailings delayed or cancelled because of employee no-shows. The ferry system was forced to look into a possible work slow down by union employees. Soon after, the Coast Guard issued a new mandate that would require WAState Ferries to increase the number of staff on some of the boats. The state says that new requirement will be financially devastating and would erase any savings brought about by the cost-cutting measures implemented because of KING's investigative series.

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Real investigations. Real results.