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Fans cheer on Seahawks near CenturyLink Field despite fan-free game

There was still a crowd of Seahawks fans who came to enjoy the game from outside CenturyLink Field, which was a welcome sight for nearby businesses.

SEATTLE — The Seahawks home opener had everything – plenty of points, a thrilling finish, and most importantly a Seahawks win. Though, it was missing one thing – fans.

Sunday’s game was the first of three Seahawks home games where no fans will be in attendance because of the coronavirus.

That did not stop some fans from coming down to CenturyLink Field and visiting the nearby businesses, much to the delight of Farshaid Varamini, who owns The People’s Burger, Gentry Public House and a nearby hot dog stand. 

“Typically I'd be up at 3 a.m. and be down here by 4. Today I woke up around 8,” he said.

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He says Sunday’s business was steady given the circumstances. He says they plan to open the public house for gamedays on Sundays going forward.

“You don’t have the excitement, the energy, the noise, the people. Typically can't see the streets,” he said.

No fans in the stadium meant watching the game from a TV next to CenturyLink Field was as good as it gets for fans Caroline Condiotty and Matthew Tantiskin.

“You can still see the pride of the Seahawks, because of all the people that are still here," Condiotty said. "Kind of interesting there’s not a game you can attend, but there’s still pride no matter what."

“I’m going to want to be inside (the stadium). Like I'm definitely going to want to break the door down to get in, but I'm not going to obviously,” Tantiskin jokingly added.

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