SEATTLE — After a long day at school sometimes the last thing our kids want to do is their homework but there are ways to make it easier.

That’s what we’re tackling in our latest attempt to "decode" parenting, taking a deeper look into our children's behavior.

Certified Parenting Coach Beaven Walters says the first step is to create the ideal environment with quiet and ample supplies. She even suggests creating a homework survival kit. She reminds parents that encouragement can go a long way but says it’s also important to give your child independence – no hovering!

She cautions parents to take a step back when things get too frustrating. Walters suggests if your child is in melt-down mode, tell them homework time is over and email the teacher or right a note on the page if it’s not completed.

KING 5's Amity Addrisi will continue her series on decoding parenting throughout the year.  


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