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Fans get their hands on the first official Seattle Kraken jerseys

Future fans of the Seattle Kraken lined up at the Northgate Iceplex to get their hands on the first authentic Seattle Kraken jerseys for sale.

SEATTLE — The team hasn't even played a game, but that didn't stop soon-to-be Kraken fans from getting their tentacles around the club's first jersey on Wednesday.

"We were so excited when we heard we're going to have a hockey team," said Colleen Rowden, who was among the first people in line at the pop-up team store at the Kraken Community Iceplex at Northgate.  The franchise used one of the complex's rinks to handle the crush of people, who waited several minutes in line, to get the anchor, quite literally, of the club's brand.

That is one of the main logos of the hockey sweaters and a design that was part of an 18-month long research and development process. 

"You've got the tentacle that weaves through here," said Kraken VP Katie Townsend, as she points at the front-facing 'S' on the front of the jersey.  The palette of blue shades. "A nod to Seattle's maritime history. The red-eye and stripe is meant to evoke fear in our enemies. The livery design should be familiar to the Seattle ferries, and region's history."

The process involved Adidas and was originally shown when the team name was announced last year. But this was the first time people could fork over more than $200 for an authentic jersey. There were dozens of people camped up when the doors opened at 8 a.m., with fans forking over even more to throw their name or a favorite player on the back. The jerseys feature an 'inaugural season' patch.

Other merchandise is available as part of the "unique megastore," including hats and shirts that were previously unreleased.

Rowden snapped up a couple of the sweaters. "I got a home jersey and away jersey," she smiled. "I like the home one more."

The unique pop up store will remain open through the weekend. Jerseys are also available, in more limited qualities, at team stores in South Lake Union and Bellevue Square.

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