SEATTLE — The Seahawks are getting ready for the first preseason game Thursday night at CenturyLink Field and Coach Pete Carroll is taking a bit of a different approach this year.

Fans are not going to see quarterback Russell Wilson play at all Thursday or many of the starters usually expected to play.

Carroll said the game is all about the younger players.

Since Wilson will not be playing the team will be able to see what quarterbacks Geno Smith and Paxton Lynch can do.

Carroll said there is a lot of competition for not only the quarterback position, but the receiver spot and the offensive line.

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The younger guys on the team will be given a lot of playing time, an opportunity to show what they can do for the Seahawks this season.

"We want to see these guys, see if they can help our football team and they can't do it just watching. They need to get out and play," said Carroll.

He said the most important thing is that the rookie players take all the preparation and learning they've done to the field. He also added that more than ever there are a lot of guys who really need to play their way into their spots.

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