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'Move along, Tim': Gov. Inslee snubs anti-tax crusader

Tim Eyman interrupted a media event previewing the upcoming legislative session in Olympia on Thursday.

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Anti-tax initiative promoter Tim Eyman was removed from a media event Thursday in Olympia after interrupting Gov. Jay Inslee with a question about $30 car tabs. 

"Jay, I'd like to ask you a question about $30-tabs ..." Eyman started. 

Gov. Inslee was quick to respond, telling Eyman he wasn't going to answer his questions. 

"Let me make a suggestion to you, Tim. You need to sit down in that chair, just don't steal it," Inslee said as Eyman continued to talk. 

Eyman was previously required to pay a fine and issued a no contact order with Office Depot in Lacey for allegedly stealing an office chair. 

Gov. Inslee told Eyman to "move along" several times after telling him he could sit and listen. He eventually left. 

Eyman, who announced he will enter the governor's race in 2020, is behind Initiative 976. The initiative, which voters approved November, would cap car-tab fees at $30. 

The effects of the initiative have been temporarily blocked while it is debated in the courts. Until a final ruling on I-976 is made, the effects of the initiative cannot go into effect.

The state’s budget office estimates the passage of I-976 eliminates more than $4 billion in tax revenue by 2025. Sound Transit is preparing for up to $20 billion in losses for future transportation projects.