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Goodbye, 2020! Why mental health experts say it's time to redefine New Year's resolutions

After the stress of 2020, one mental health expert recommends people meditate, journal and reflect on what they want out of 2021.

Mental health experts say you might want to rethink how you tackle your 2021 New Year's resolutions. 

2020 has been rough. From the physical and financial toll of the pandemic, a polarizing election year and a racial reckoning, plenty of people are ready to say goodbye to 2020, and goodbye to the traditional New Year's resolutions. 

"Goal setting for the new year is a lot of pressure. We were adding the stress of this year, but the pandemic with a lot of fear going on with racism, with worry about money," said Bernice Imei Hsu, a mental health counselor. 

Hsu says it's important to be aware of your expectations heading into 2021. 

"It's just this artificial pressure of doing it at the beginning of the year tends to throw a lot of people off. So instead, if you set an intention by a positive feeling that you have, you're more likely to chase that," said Hsu.

Hsu says bring whatever brought you glimmers of hope and joy in 2020 into 2021.

"This is a year that many of us want to leave behind. The reality is, we are not at the end of this. We are in the thick of it. Because of that there is this sense of needing to renew your strength because this is a marathon. This is not a sprint," said Hsu. 

Hsu encourages people to take time to meditate, journal and reflect on what they want out of 2021, even if that means just looking forward to some rest.

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