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What you need to know about coronavirus Saturday, Aug. 1

Find developments on the coronavirus pandemic and the plan for recovery in the U.S. and Washington state.


  • 1,738 new cases and 28 new deaths reported for Thursday and Friday, according to the Washington State Department of Health. Due to an outage, DOH did not update the statistics until late Saturday for both days.
  • Total: 1,592 deaths among 57,541 overall cases in Washington state.
  • 1,001,528 people in Washington have taken a coronavirus test, and 5.7% of those tests were positive.

Department of Health statistics reported following outage

The Washington Department of Health updated its coronavirus statistics Saturday evening following an outage that delayed the reporting since July 29.

Due to the outage, the numbers reported Saturday account for new coronavirus cases and deaths for both Thursday, July July 30, and Friday, July 31.

The numbers show 1,738 new cases and 28 new deaths from COVID-19.

Just over 1 million people have been tested for the virus in Washington state and of those, 5.7% of the test results have come back positive. 

See more of the DOH statistic's here. 

VERIFY: Expert says just wearing a mask is more important than the type you wear

You’ve heard it plenty of times during the COVID-19 pandemic: Wear a mask. But you may not have heard what kind of mask you should use.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends cloth face coverings, but that’s not all that specific. There are many different types of cloth masks, and more are being designed as the demand for them soars during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Vote by mail in Washington is the one constant amid COVID-19

Voters in vote-by-mail Washington state have had their ballots for Tuesday's primary for weeks. 

And they have quite a bit to decide as they narrow down the candidates in an election where the top two vote-getters advance to the November election, regardless of party. Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee, who is seeking a rare third term, has drawn 35 opponents. 

Results may take days to come in as the ballots, which must be postmarked or deposited in local drop boxes by Tuesday, arrive in elections offices throughout the week.

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Virtual school: Teachers want to improve but training varies

Virtual learning is part of an increasing number of fall reopening plans, and districts are facing pressure to improve after many students got left behind this spring. But investment in training varies widely as teachers start the school year during the coronavirus pandemic. 

While some school systems have offered new guidance on teaching from afar, many educators feel like they’re on their own. 

An education technology researcher says more affluent school districts have used the summer to train teachers and will do well. He's concerned for the “have-nots" who might not be given the right tools to succeed.

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