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9+ fun things to keep you and your family entertained at home

From board games to virtual games, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your mind stimulated while supporting local businesses and people!

Just because you have to stay at home doesn't mean you can't have fun! Businesses, artists, and everyday people around Washington are finding ways to keep the community engaged during the stay-at-home order.

Keep reading to get inspired and stay entertained!

1) Download and play free locally-based activities

Check out these new, free, interactive activities on local businesses websites for you and your kids to explore and learn:

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2) Play the Taco vs. Burrito card game

Board games and puzzles are a go-to for many folks right now, so why not play one invented in the PNW? Taco vs. Burrito was one of the best-selling games on Amazon recently, developed by 7-year-old Alex Butler! His mom is developing another card game called Bold Made, which is set to be released this Fall.

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3) Play the Stardew Valley video game

Gaming is another activity getting people through this stay-at-home order. Stardew Valley, which has now sold millions of copies, was completely developed by one man: Eric Barone of Auburn. It's all about tending your virtual farm and making friends with neighbors -- something we all could use a little of right now!

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4) Become a hummingbird whisperer

Ciscoe Morris shows us that anyone can attract hummingbirds to your garden -- you just need to provide the proper care and attention! Click the link below for more info.

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5) Order an activity box

Several small companies are offering boxes of food and fun to be delivered right to your door:

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6) Become an at-home barista

Restaurants like Lady Jaye and Cure Cocktail are now serving items that bring the bars to your house! Their delicious cocktail kits make 6-8 drinks and turn you into the barista.

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7) Learn to dance like you're on Broadway

Get a tutorial from Broadway performers themselves! Local choreographer Nikki Womac was the dance captain for Alladin on Broadway and in this video she teaches the actual moves from the Arabian Nights routine. It's part of Disney's Getup and Go program. Find the tutorial on Broadway World's website.

8) Attend a virtual workout class

Whether you're into HIIT, barre or yoga, plenty of PNW gyms have brought their classes online! Kelly Hanson of Local Lens Seattle gives us the rundown on her week working out from home with Dynamix Fitness, 8 Limbs and EshelYoga- which may or may not involve beer!

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9) Try out some crazy trick shots

Get wild! We met up with a Gonzaga University student who found just the 'trick' for beating the quarantine blues... and we think he may inspire you, too! Jack Moffitt has been testing out mind-blowing trick shots and posting them to TikTok -- like one where he throws a football over his house and into a trash can!

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