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Kim Holcomb

Kim Holcomb
Kim Holcomb, host & reporter for KING 5’s Evening
Rosemary Dai Ross

I’m a host & reporter for KING 5’s Evening – covering the fun things to do, see, experience, eat and drink in the Pacific Northwest. I also get to put my lifelong obsession with movies and TV to good use by interviewing celebrities for our entertainment segments. Long story short, it’s a dream job!

I came to Evening after spending more than a decade in newsrooms from Yakima to Phoenix. My parents would want me to tell you I’ve received six regional Emmys and an Edward R. Murrow award, and still respond to the nickname “Moo.” I’m also the super-proud mama of a son and daughter who – thanks to my husband – are growing up in a die-hard Husky household.

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Jim Dever

Jim Dever 2018
Jim Dever, a host of KING 5's Evening.

Jim Dever is the smartest and best-looking member of the KING 5 staff. He is also one of few who wrote their own bios. Jim has worked at WCOJ, WTAJ, WJAC, KDKA, KPIX and other assorted letters of the alphabet. But mostly, he has worked as a reporter, host and producer at KING 5 Evening, where he has earned 18 Emmys, an Iris, two Gumbys and a Pokie.

Future goals include colonizing Mars and learning to speak French, but only the verbs.

Dever rhymes with “whatever.”

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Saint Bryan

Saint Bryan
Saint Bryan, Host and Reporter, KING 5 Evening
Saint Bryan

My name, Saint, is short for St. George. It’s a family name that would take too long to explain so I often make up stories about how I got my name. My recent favorite is that I was roaming around Vatican City, met the pope, and apparently, he thought I was a pretty cool dude.

I began my reporting career in Charleston, SC and worked for stations in Greenville, SC and Denver, CO before finally coming to my senses and moving here in 1999. Our show celebrates the people and the places around the Northwest. We get to see the very best of what the region offers and share it with our viewers. I especially like to explore the South Sound where I live with my wife and two children. Writing about the number of awards I’ve won is a tricky thing. I find it all so self-serving. All I will say is that I live in a house filled to the rafters with broadcasting trophies and engraved plaques.

When I’m not working I can often be found railfanning with my son, reading a good book or playing my guitar. Anything to avoid yard work.

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Jose Cedeno

Jose Cedeno

I am Extreme Jose from KING 5 Evening. Yes, I am that guy that spends a lot of time in dive bars. When it comes to fashion, the more colors you have, the better you look; never matching is the way to go; and, of course, you cannot go wrong with a hat.

I love telling stories - just give me a camera and I will go anywhere, like climbing Mt. Rainier, sailing in the Southern Ocean for weeks, or spending hours in a chicken coop just trying to get that perfect shot.

I was born in the Andes, so it's easy to understand my love for the Northwest mountains.

I'm always looking for adventures and meeting new friends.

And yes, I do speak Spanish.

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Ellen Meny

Ellen Meny
Ellen Meny, host and reporter for KING 5's Evening

Hi! I’m Ellen. I’m an Evening multi-platform producer, which means I produce, report, shoot, edit, act, sing, and yes, I do dance as well! I am a septuple threat. I’m originally from Baltimore, Maryland, and went to school at Clemson University in South Carolina.

I love telling people’s stories and exploring all of the amazing parts of Western Washington. I also love food. A lot. When I’m not working at Evening, I enjoy writing and hanging out with my adorable hamster, Peachy Keen. 

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