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Craving something cozy? Here are 5 ways to get 'hygge' help

From hand-poured candles to Scandinavian-inspired coffee, these Seattle and South Sound small businesses are all about comfort. #k5evening

With our long stretches of gray and wet weather, we can all use a little more cozy in our lives.

Here are five ways to experience hygge (the Danish term for a cozy and comfortable lifestyle) this autumn and winter.

Cafe Hagen, Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood

The Scandinavian and Danish-inspired café is centered around hygge. There is patio seating, and the interior is filled with house plants and minimalist design. The menu showcases Scandinavian pastries and dishes, and the locally-roasted coffee emulates the roast favored in Northern Europe. Try the deconstructed mocha - it's a flight allowing you to individually taste every element of the drink. Café Hagen is located at 1252 Thomas St and is open daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Credit: Kim Holcomb
Cafe Hagen has indoor and outdoor seating.

Yoroshiku, Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood

Warm up with a bowl of savory, elevated ramen at this Japanese restaurant showcasing local ingredients. The delicious broth takes up to 20 hours to prepare, using an original recipe. There are six ramens to choose from, including a gluten-free option. They also specialize in modern Izakaya. Yoroshiku is located at 1911 N 45th St and is open daily for lunch and dinner.

Credit: KING TV
Yoroshiku's ramen broth can take up to 20 hours to make.

BLK Sunflower, Lakewood

Hygge is synonymous with candles and BLK Sunflower owner Jazmin Richards infuses love and care into each one she makes. She's hand-poured and marbled more than 15,000 of them since launching BLK Sunflower 18 months ago. The most popular seller? Strawberries and Whipped Cream, a blend of strawberry and vanilla scents. The names are also noteworthy, from
“Melanin” to “Per My Last Email.” The luxe candles have 75+ hour burn times and cost $36 for a 9 ounce and $42 for an 11 ounce.

Credit: Kim Holcomb
Jazmin Richards hand-pours every luxe candle BLK Sunflower sells.

Urban Sprouts, Renton

Being in nature is a big element of hygge and when you can't garden outside, this plant shop is an ideal alternative. The boutique features offer greenery of all shapes and sizes, terrarium-building, and classes for anyone interested in taking their connection to plants a step further. One popular workshop teaches the art of making Kokedama - Japanese moss ball gardens. Urban Sprouts is located at 724 S 3rd Street in Renton and is open daily.

Credit: KING TV
Urban Sprouts offers a Kokedama workshop, where customers learn the art of making Japanese Moss Ball Gardens.

Woodland Mod, Seattle's Ballard neighborhood

This new shop is a new go-to for turning your house or apartment into a cozy haven. Shelves are stocked with soft blankets, dishware, cleaning supplies, art and more. Most of it is imported from Scandinavia, Japan, and Northwest makers, and all the pieces highlight hygge's minimalism and harmony. Woodland Mod is located at 5330 Ballard Ave NW and is open Tuesday – Sunday.

Credit: Kim Holcomb
Woodland Mod features items for minimalist, Scandinavian and Japanese design and hygge aesthetics.

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