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Ciscoe's September Plant of the Month might make you crave dessert

Dark leaves and a sweet name make this plant pick perfect for fall. #k5evening

SEATTLE — "I just put in this brand-new landscape right here and I needed the perfect plant that go with this spectacular coneflower,” said Ciscoe Morris, showing off a perennial garden with an orange echinacea as its centerpiece.

“This is heuchera ‘Black Forest Cake.’ First time I've ever seen it. It's brand new in the nurseries. One thing about it is a beautiful black color that should stay really nice all winter long, but even more exciting, look at the flowers on that!" Ciscoe said, pointing to the bright red flowers. "You know who's gonna like those. These are a hummingbird favorite! Oh la la this is going to be a lot of fun!" 

"Okay, now, I've got a spot right here that I planted something but it was too wimpy and it died," Ciscoe said. 

Ciscoe explained to make sure to read the label if you get any heuchera – some thrive in sun but most like part sun part shade. 

"Only thing you gotta remember. Never plant any plant any plant deeper that it came out of the pot because there's not enough air in the soil down deeper,” Ciscoe said. 

"So there's just one last thing I need to do and it's really important even if you planted this on a rainy day. Never forget to water it in. That will get rid of all those air pockets that are in there around the roots and get it really nestled in there. And it'll be here for years to come. Wow. That is absolutely beautiful. That just made this whole landscape perfect!"

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