WOODINVILLE, Wash. — Nathan and Jeremy Rudd are cooking up an onscreen career. 

“A lot of good things in the works right now,” Jeremy said.

The twins are part of the family behind Ezell’s Famous Chicken, where they’ve spent most of their lives bringing deep-fried goodness to the masses. But these days, this spicy two-piece combo is hard at work taking a shot at showbiz.

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“Feature films, TV shows,” Jeremy said.

The guys have always worked as a team, going all the way back to their days as confusingly identical star players for Lynnwood High.

“The guy that was supposed to be guarding him (Jeremy) was guarding me,” Nathan recalled.

They both attended WSU and got business degrees to help with the family’s growing restaurant chain. 

“Experienced some hard times, bumps along the way, but we always kept that family dynamic right there,” the twins’ mother Adrienne said.

Then, somehow, the twins fell in love with acting.

“Another adventure in their life that they will do well at," their father Darnell said. "But I didn’t see it coming."

Jeremy and Nathan were featured in a brother-versus-brother software ad.

“And the whole commercial was about twins working on Microsoft products,” Jeremy said.

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After taking on roles, together and apart, the brothers decided to make a movie of their own.

“Let’s just go for it,” Nathan recalled.

It’s a scary horror flick called “The Fetus.” They filmed it out in Pennsylvania, serving as both cast members and associate producers.

“Eventually the plan is to put our hands into every little pot, like directing, writing,” Jeremy said.

They say their natural twin dynamic will keep pushing them further.

“It’s just a competitive mindset that we always constantly have,” Nathan said.

And their solid upbringing gives them the inspiration to succeed.

“You look at my mom, my uncle, my dad, our aunts… They started with one location, no experience, no college experience," Nathan said. "Now they’ve got 16 locations, which is amazing. That’s my main motivation.”

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If all goes according to plan for the Rudd twins, someday they’ll be as famous as their family’s chicken.

“If you put your mind to it and you plan it and you take that first step,” Jeremy said, “you can accomplish anything.”

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