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Prep Zone: Capital High twins two of the best pole vaulters in the world

The sisters are in the top 70 in the world regardless of age according to the World Athletics' women's pole vault rankings.

OLYMPIA, Wash. — The high school state track and field championships are just weeks away. This will be the first time in three years that spring sports will be having state championships.

Two sisters from Capital High are vaulting up the ranks.

Twin sisters Amanda and Hana Moll have been competing side by side since they were young. 

"I like the way she brings out the best in me," said Hana Moll.

"We've just always been that close," said Amanda Moll. "I mean, ever since we were little babies. We've just always liked the same things. We push each other and so like, I don't know how good I'd be without her."

It's on the track where the sisters have found success.

Hana and Amanda are on one of the best 4 x 100 relay teams in the state. 

Hana does hurdles, Amanda does long jump and they're also two of the best pole vaulters in the country. In March at the Texas Relays, Amanda set the new outdoors girls pole vault mark at 14-9 1/2. Hana is No. 3 all-time at 14-8.

 "I love like the technicality, but I also love getting into the air and getting upside down," Hana Moll said. "It's over quicker than you expect it to, but, on those moments when you actually like pause and you're like, oh, wow, like I'm pretty high up. It's, cool," says Amanda.

According to the World Athletics' women's pole vault rankings, both sisters are in the top 70 in the world, regardless of age.

In their Under-18 age group, Amanda Moll is ranked number one and Hana number two.

"You know, it's just kind of a rare opportunity to get to meet a few athletes that are just like so phenomenally talented," said Capital high track coach Michael Dallas. "But they are also like some of the best kids that we have on the team."

Long before the twins arrived at Capitol high, they competed in gymnastics for eight years. They both agreed: It's one of the big reasons why they've found success in track and field. 

"It builds such an incredible foundation like you're just so strong and like everything," Hana Moll said. "And but not just strongly here also like flexible and so it just it I mean; I credit all that my success to my start in gymnastics. It gives you a lot of strength and balance."

The 17-year-old twins also compete in rock climbing and mountain biking.

Strong in sports and in the classroom where they both have 4.0 GPAS.

They dream of competing in the Olympics one day, but for now they'll keep pushing each other to raise the bar as they reach new heights. 

"That's always the way we've been and we've always been pushing each other," Amanda Moll said. "And that's a big reason why we're so successful."