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That 'tongue thing' Shakira did actually has a name and is a cultural expression

There was a particular moment with Shakira that caught people's attention.

MIAMI — J.Lo and Shakira rocked the halftime show of Super Bowl LIV. 

The ladies brought the heat, dazzling the Super Bowl crowd with an array of jaw-dropping dance moves and visual effects. But, as with most Super Bowl performances, it didn't come without controversy. 

While some loved it, others said the performance was a little too racy for what they called a family event.

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Then, there was a particular moment with Shakira that caught people's attention. Social media exploded when Shakira did this gesture into the camera.

It instantly became a meme. 

Some were confused. 

Others turned it into a joke.

But while it may seem comical, you should know the gesture has cultural significance. Its called zaghrouta.

In some Middle Eastern and African cultures, women will make the sound as an expression of joy and celebration. You might hear it at weddings or parties.

Shakira is Colombian and Lebanese, so it may have been her way of paying homage to her father's Lebanese culture.


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