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The Players' Tribune shares 5 thoughts from Mike Leach that have nothing to do with football

'The Players' Tribune' put together a feature on the Washington State University coach on "Five Thoughts that Have Nothing to Do with Football."

PULLMAN, Wash.—Coug football fans are no strangers to some of the bizarre comments head coach Mike Leach makes from time to time.

'The Players' Tribune' put together a feature on the Washington State University coach on “Five Thoughts that Have Nothing to Do with Football.”

The first was when Leach talked about his childhood pet: a raccoon. Leach talked about how he really liked raccoons and how he “knew an inordinate amount about raccoons.”

Leach said the raccoon was named after his favorite book character, Bilbo Baggins.

Leach has also shared his thoughts about the state of Hawaii.

“I've always thought Hawaii is more beautiful than advertised, more grand than advertised and more laid back than advertised,” 'The Players' Tribune' quoted Leach.

Leach said Hawaii was an awfully hard destination to beat.

Leach also shared his thoughts on his favorite sports movies.

He said in his opinion the best sports movie were about baseball and boxing. He said the thought the pacing of those sports just lends itself better storytelling.

Leach went on to say that great sports movies could not be talked about without mentioning 'Talladega Nights.' He said it is off the charts funny, and that after he got to know some NASCAR guys it wasn't really a straight comedy.

“I know people who do stuff like name one of their kids Walker and the other Texas Ranger. If you go to any elementary school classroom in Texas, some kids in there are going to be named either Austin, Dallas or Houston,” Leach said.

Leach also shared his thoughts on pizza crust types. He said that he himself was more of a thin-crust guy. That was not to say he didn't respect thick crust people, but in his opinion that is mostly bread, according to the article.

Lastly, he gave a brief statement about his thoughts on the legal profession. Leach said before he got into coaching he got his law degree at Pepperdine.

Leach said he thinks the legal profession was getting corrupted. He said when it comes to lawyers it was a catch-22.

“On one hand, there's so much process, procedure and mess caused by the legal profession. But on the other hand, the only way to sort through all that process, procedure and mess is through the legal profession,” Leach said.

Leach went on to say in the article that was why he thought lawyers were both destructive and very necessary.

The full article from 'The Players' Tribune' can be found here.