CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- As the rest of the country burned, ripped up or completely forgot about their failed March Madness brackets, a CMS student's bracket is still alive and well.

A seventh grader in Charlotte has correctly predicted the Final Four. Mountain Island Lake Academy's Sasha Anderson and her math teacher Denzelle Lawson sat down with NBC Charlotte to talk about the tournament.

Leading up to the start of the tournament, Sasha said she put a lot of thought into putting together the bracket.

"It felt really good putting together the perfect [Final Four]," she says. "I wanted to be the one to pull out the win."

Lawson said with a laugh that Sasha had the best bracket in school -- by a mile.

"She's way ahead of the class," Lawson said. "All the teachers, everybody."

While Sasha picked North Carolina to win the national championship, she said she wouldn't be mad if South Carolina, her mother's alma mater, won instead.