The Seattle Mariners were unexpectedly brought into Tuesday night's election results -- and their social media team deftly fired back.

In the state of Maine, voters there approved an expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. It's seen as a rebuke of Governor Paul LePage, who previously vetoed legislation to expand Medicaid.

So what does Seattle's professional baseball team have to do with this?

Andy Slavitt, who used to be one of the top administrators of the Medicaid program under President Barack Obama, tweeted "BREAKING: 80,000 Mariners will get Medicaid coverage. The people overturned LePage's veto."

What Slavitt meant was "Mainers."

But the M's couldn't resist.

"We... we don't have that many players," the Mariners tweeted.

Someone responded, saying, "Just give (General Manager) Jerry (Dipoto) a little more time."

To which the Mariners replied, "It's all about building depth."

Well played, Mariners. Well played.