While Seattle is host to a variety of BMX and skate parks, none were dedicated exclusively to scooterers...until now.

Located in Redmond, the Pacific Scooter Experience opened its doors in December 2017. It's the nation's first and only non-profit, indoor park just for pro scooters. PSX runs on donations and volunteers who are passionate about the Seattle area's kids having a safe and supportive environment where they can push themselves to grow and develop new skills.

"This is the main place where people start doing the big tricks," said John Dias, a PSX volunteer. "Having a place like this is really beneficial. It helped a lot of people progress."

"There's no other indoor skate park that allows skaters unless you rent it out," said Isaac Hofer, a frequent scooterer. "It's just great because we finally have somewhere to ride."

In addition to having open-scoot time, PSX also offers lessons, parties, and camps in addition to other programs.

"I think what's really exciting as a parent is when you see a kid walk in here for the first time, and their eyes just light up," said John Hofer, a parent. "Ultimately, what we want to give to our kids is support what they enjoy."

"I think I'll just keep riding and be involved in this sport as long as I can move," said scooter rider Sophia Zeng with a laugh.

Pacific Scooter Experience -14766 NE 95th St, Redmond, WA 98052

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