A Grand Rapids family and their dog are back together after the animal ran off after a weekend car accident.

"The doors came open and she ran. It took me a few minutes before I realized Nahla had run away," said Steve Littell, who slid his car into a ditch Saturday, Dec. 10.

"We posted on Facebook and contacted WZZM news. The information started pouring in," Littel said.

A woman called the family to say she thinks she found the dog near the accident scene. The dog had been taken to the shelter.

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On Monday afternoon, Steve and Casey went to the Kent County Animal Shelter. Turns out it was their dog.

As they were all reunited, it was obvious Nahla was very excited to be back with her family.

After paying for a dog license, shelter fees, and an updated rabies shot, Nahla got to go home.

"Wonderful. Merry Christmas, it’s wonderful," Littel said. "I'm just glad she's safe, not hurt, and home.

"I want to thank everyone that posted and donated to the Go Fund Me page, we wouldn't have been able to get her out without the help," said Casey. "It's a good Christmas Present."

Steve said he plans to donate the Go Fund Me money to the animal shelter. In the meantime, he urges others to get your animals microchipped, licensed, and if you can, buy them a safety harness for the winter.