Graduating from the University of Washington may have been one of the toughest challenges to date for 22-year-old Eliza Dawson. But the adventure she's about to take in June could top the list.

Dawson, who just received her undergraduate degree in Climate Science, plans to row across the Pacific Ocean to raise money for climate change and plastic pollution.

"It's really important to be making a difference about these issues and raise awareness," said Dawson.

The journey will take her and a team of four rowers from Monterrey, CA to Honolulu. The world record for the 2,400-mile journey is 50 days.

The team hopes to break the record.

Dawson will also be rowing through the so-called "Pacific Garbage Patch."

"I'll be rowing two hours on, two hours off for 50 straight days," she said.

Dawson admits the journey is nerve-racking but says it's worth it.

"While this is a huge endeavor and a huge experience, and a big challenge to overtake, the challenges facing our environment are even bigger," Dawson said. "I'm very excited to take on this adventure."

She and her rowing team at UW won the NCAA National Championships in 2017. But rowing across the ocean is a different challenge.

Dawson needs to raise another $13,000 before the journey. Click here to help and donate.

You can track the team's progress at