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UW fan fundraising to feed low-income soldiers' and airmen's families this Thanksgiving

Sergeant Husky is popular with fans of the University of Washington. He's leveraging his notoriety to provide Thanksgiving meals for military families in need.

LAKEWOOD, Wash. — A passionate University of Washington (UW) fan and veteran is leveraging his notoriety to feed low-income military families this Thanksgiving. 

Mark Glenn, aka Sergeant Husky, is the Chief Information Officer for the Washington Military Department at Camp Murray in Lakewood. This year he's calling on fellow Husky fans to boost his annual "turkey drop" in the hopes of feeding over 50 families this Thanksgiving. 

Glenn is one of the more recognizable Husky fans. He chose the moniker Sergeant Husky as a tribute to his father, who was a Staff Sergeant in the Army during the Vietnam War era. 

"In recognition of his service, I use his rank," said Glenn. 

Glenn started the campaign because he said he remembers all too well what it was like to struggle financially when he entered the military. 

"I recall having to go to food banks when I first enlisted..." Glenn said. "Just couldn't afford to buy basic needs." 

Glenn wants civilians to better understand that the salary military personnel are paid often isn't enough to make ends meet. "Especially if there are children involved," he said. 

Glenn is asking friends and Husky fans to help him raise funds to deliver a Turkey dinner to at least 50 young military families this November. Last fall, Glenn helped to distribute meals in a drive-thru style event, and this year he aims to raise the bar. 

“Not even a pandemic can stop us. People still need to eat and as a community, we can make sure they’re not forgotten about," said Glenn.

His current goal is to raise just $1,500. He set up a GoFundMe page, which has already collected over $1,000. 

“We are gonna deliver the meals on November 12, so any support we can get by then will make a big difference,” said Glenn. 

His Sergeant Husky identity is even promoting the Turkey Drop at Husky football tailgates. He hopes to surpass the goal of feeding 50 families this year. 

“We shouldn’t be turning families away and if everyone gives just a little we can accomplish the mission," he said. 

You can support the Washington National Guard Turkey drop and learn more at Glenn’s GoFundMe page.


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