EDMONDS, Wash. — A grant from Sound Transit is expected to nearly double the size of bike lanes in Edmonds. 

City officials announced Sound Transit awarded Edmonds $1.85 million to make it easier and safer for bicyclists and pedestrians to get to and from Sound Transit stations. 

In the Spring of this year, the city of Edmonds submitted a grant application for the Citywide Bicycle Improvements Project. Sound Transit granted the city their entire requested amount of $1.85 million. 

The Edmonds Bicycle Advocacy Group was just one group pushing for the new and improved bike lanes within the city. 

"We're hoping that more people will feel comfortable to ride without putting more cars on the road," said Peter Hallson, with the bicycle group. 

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The project is expected to improve access for bicyclists to the Edmonds Transit Station and the Mountlake Terrace Transit Station. 

Parking in those areas will also be improved. 

Cyclists will also get new bike connections through this project to places throughout the community, such as schools, local parks, Downtown Edmonds, and more. 

The project proposes to add bike lanes/ "sharrows” along several minor arterials/collectors throughout the City: 

• 100th Ave. W / 9th Ave. S from 244th St. SW to Walnut St. (2 miles of bike lane in each direction through road diet); 

• Bowdoin Way from 9th Ave. S to 84th Ave. W (1 mile of bike lane in each direction through re-striping); 

• 228th St. SW from 80th Ave. W to 78th Ave. W (1/10 mile of bike lane in each direction through roadway widening); and 

• 80th Ave. W from 228th St. SW to 220th St. SW (sharrows for 1 mile in each direction).

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This project will result in almost doubling the length of bike lanes in the City, going from 8 miles under current conditions to 14 miles when the project is finished.

The project’s design phase is currently scheduled to start in 2020, with construction scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021.