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Snohomish Regional Fire help celebrate child's last cancer treatment

Peyton Vandanacker got a heartwarming surprise on her final day of chemotherapy treatment.

BOTHELL, Wash. — Saturday marks a special day for a seven-year-old girl from Bothell who just had her last treatment of chemotherapy for leukemia.

On Saturday seven-year-old Peyton Vandanacker rang a bell to ring in a new chapter of life, that took two and half years in the making. Peyton is now in remission, after she was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia in November 2019.

"Your very first thought is are they going to make it? What are the chances and you kind of have to kick it in the back of your mind," said Peyton’s father, Jim Vandanacker.

Peyton's parents and her two siblings were with her step-by-step throughout the years of grueling treatment.

"She's so resilient, she's always happy, no matter what, through the worst of times through her lowest lows, through the entire battle it wouldn't phase her," said Vandanacker.

However, Saturday wasn't meant to dwell on the hardships. Rather, to celebrate what's to come. 

That starts with a ride of a lifetime with Snohomish Regional Fire and Rescue team, as they took an afternoon off to honor a young girl's unbelievable journey.

"Celebrate with the family, make the family happy, highlight the achievement what this little girl went through it really makes us feel really good for the day," said Evan Adolf, the Battalion Chief for Snohomish Regional Fire & Rescue.

As far as advice to other families going through their own bouts with cancer, the Vandanackers said to try to stay positive, rely on each other and to take it day by day.

“Just keep going, just get up the next day and keep going, it's been hard, but we're here and she's here," said Peyton’s mother, Kelli Vandanacker.

Peyton’s parents said moving forward Peyton will have monthly follow-ups to check on her health.

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