The College Republicans are taking the University of Washington to court Friday, accusing the school of violating their civil rights.

UW wants the club to cover the security bill for the event Saturday when it hosts a right-wing prayer group.

The price tag? $17,000.

On Facebook, the UW College Republicans call it the Freedom Rally scheduled for 1 p.m. Saturday in Red Square. The club invited Joey Gibson of the Patriot Prayer group to speak.

In January of 2017, right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulous appeared on campus, sparking violent protests. One person was shot.

The club's attorney Bill Becker, of the FreedomX law firm, argued the security fee is an attack on first amendment rights.

"The police have an obligation to serve and protect the public," said Becker. "That is their duty. And their obligations do not lead to punishing the individual who is exercising his or her first amendment rights by adding security costs which may result in an event from going forward."

UW police said the fee is based on objective criteria, like threats to public safety, and the location of the event.

In a statement, the UW Police Chief John Vinson said, "Security cost estimates are not based on a speaker or group's ideology or political position."

The university ended up charging the club about $9,000 for the Yiannopoulous event, but the overall security costs were more than $70,000 between UW Police and Seattle Police.

Becker said even if the judge doesn't give them the temporary restraining order they want, the event will still go on Saturday.