SEATTLE — The Seattle Department of Transportation has begun exploring options for the Ballard Bridge’s future, including whether it should replace or rehabilitate the structure.

The Ballard Bridge, which was built in 1917, is one of the oldest in the city and spans Salmon Bay to connect Ballard with Queen Anne and Magnolia. More than 57,000 vehicles travel over the bridge daily.

The city says it inspects the bridge regularly, but due to its age it may need some rehabilitation to maintain current levels of operation.

“Since the structure is in good condition today, we have an opportunity to plan ahead and look beyond just maintaining its current form and function,” the city wrote in a release.

On Thursday, the city announced its Ballard Bridge planning study, which will evaluate how to bring the bridge up to current transportation and structural standards while improving bicycle and pedestrian access and keeping buses and freight traffic moving.

Residents can share how they currently use the bridge and what their hopes would be for the structure in a survey until July 7.

SDOT will use the survey results to come up with possible options that the public can weigh in on later this year.

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