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New traffic cameras coming to roads near schools, parks in Seattle

Traffic cameras will now be allowed near hospitals, parks and railroad crossings.

SEATTLE — The Seattle City Council passed legislation Tuesday that expands the use of automated traffic cameras throughout the city.

Traffic cameras will now be allowed near hospitals, parks and railroad crossings and will run 24/7. The cameras will be looking out for speeding, red light violations, school crosswalk violations, and more. Fines run from $47 to $237. 

Under the legislation, first-time violators in the new zones will only be issued a warning.

The council also approved legislation that will reinvest half the revenue raised from traffic cameras into Vision Zero, the city’s traffic safety project for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles. Under state law, half of the revenue from the program will go towards a state traffic safety commission to fund bicycle, pedestrian and non-motorized and safety projects.

“As part of our comprehensive strategy to increase traffic safety, we know automated cameras are an effective tool because they reduce reckless driving, reduce collisions, and reduce direct interactions between drivers and police,” said Councilmember Pedersen. "We need to use the tools available to us today and that means installing this technology along dangerous roadways and intersections, especially where our most vulnerable residents are simply trying to cross the street.”

The new legislation expands the number of intersections that will use automated traffic cameras in the city. In July, the city council passed legislation to install traffic cameras in “restricted racing zones” to crack down on street racing. in August, the council voted in favor to double the amount of traffic cameras in school zones.

These are the 10 streets around Seattle that will be designated as restricted racing zones.

Last month, the Seattle Department of Transportation added three new cameras as part of its pilot program. Two new cameras designated to enforce the city's "Don't Block the Box" campaign will be installed at the intersections of Denny Way and Stewart/Yale Street and Boren Avenue and Howell Street.

A full list of locations and the current status of the cameras can be found on the SDOT Blog.

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