Seattle's 90-year-old Magnolia Bridge is showing its age. Faded concrete, cracks and other damage from the 2001 Nisqually earthquake, as well brace brackets and netting underneath are taking their toll. 

Seattle's transportation department has been working with the Magnolia community to address the aging bridge and provided four options earlier this week. 

One involves a new Armory Way Bridge that would extend over the train tracks, and a direct road with access from the Magnolia neighborhood to the waterfront. SDOT’s study estimates the cost from $200-million and $350-million.

The study shows this option is the most economical and will have less impact from construction. 

But the community wants the most expensive option - a new Magnolia Bridge. SDOT says costs for that could top out at $420-million and would involve much longer construction times and impact.

The pros of replacing the aging bridge include the direct access and mobility, as well as the overwhelming community support.

Transportation officials have already said the city doesn't have the money available for any of the current options.

SDOT is working with the community and other agencies to come up with creative fundraising ideas. 

Meantime, transportation crews will continue their regular inspections of the current Magnolia Bridge.