GREENSBORO, N.C. - Here's your "aw" moment for the day. News 2 received two pictures of some Greensboro police officer's helping a woman rake and bag leaves.

Officers Alvarez and Chavez said they were in the area looking for a stolen bike, taken from a kid the quad mentors. That's when they noticed the woman struggling to bag leaves.

It all happened around Tuscaloosa Street on Thursday afternoon. The officers asked Ms Troxler if she needed a hand, and then got to work. In the pictures, you see Officer Chavez bending over, helping scoop a massive pile of leaves into a large black trash bag, held open by Ms. Troxler. In the next picture, you see the two officers smiling with the 83-year-old, and a stack of leaf bags behind them.

In all, the officers said there were 15 bags of leaves when they finished.

Sgt. K.R. Johnson said of his team, "As always, Alvarez and Chavez never pass on an opportunity to serve the community."

Officers Chavez and Alvarez with Ms. Troxler.