Nicholas Harland worried about his uncle Roger.

Roger Harland, a resident of the smallest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. John, is on medication for a recent liver transplant, and over the summer, with Hurricane Irma approaching, the family couldn't get in touch. So his nephew began hatching a plan with his family to get to the island and make sure his uncle had the medication he needed.

Nicholas Harland, a senior manager at Microsoft, ran into a roadblock right away. St. John lacks its own airport, so the typical method of passage would be to fly to the island of St. Thomas and take a ferry over. But Irma decimated the St. Thomas airport, forcing Harland to find another path.

So he turned to the internet, finding a Facebook group of people trying to get supplies to those affected by the hurricane. There he connected with a restaurant owner cooking meals and sending them by boat to St. John from St. Croix, an island 45 minutes south that was spared the full brunt of Irma.

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