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'Troubling': Inslee cancels parole order granted to Timothy Pauley

Inslee wrote in his cancelation order that Timothy Pauley has failed to “demonstrate both a full acceptance of his responsibility and remorse.”

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Washington Gov. Jay Inslee struck down Friday an order that granted parole to Timothy Pauley, a 1981 convicted murderer who is currently serving a life sentence.

Inslee canceled an order from the Indeterminate Sentence Review Board (ISRB), which makes decisions on whether inmates have been “rehabilitated and should be granted parole."

Inslee wrote in his cancelation order that Pauley has failed to “demonstrate both a full acceptance of his responsibility and remorse” and that he has failed to apologize to the victims and their families.

Inslee called Pauley's parole hearing in March "troubling" and said Pauley distanced himself from his actions and never directly acknowledged the victims, only referring to them as "these people."

Family members of Pauley's victims said they were surprised and relieved to hear about Inslee's decision.

"I about fell off my chair!  To say that we are in complete shock is an understatement," said Angie Dowell, daughter of Loran Dowell, one of the employees killed by Pauley.

Dowell's sister, Kelley Tarp, and their mother, Maggie Dowell testified against Pauley's release to the parole board and met with Gov. Inslee in April pleading for him to block the parole.

"We truly feel that our father, Robert, Linda, our mom, and Sherri received justice this morning," said Angie Dowell.

She said the family members expect Pauley to appeal and make another attempt to get released.

ISRB said Pauley has shown some signs of rehabilitation, including not having received an infraction since 2012 and completed chemical dependency and behavioral treatment.

Inslee said for Pauley's rehabilitation to be complete, he must demonstrate full acceptance, responsibility and remorse for his actions.

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In 1980, Pauley and an accomplice, Scott Smith, robbed the Barn Door Tavern in south King County. Three employees were killed.

Pauley confessed to shooting two men, Loran Dowell and Robert Pierre. Smith killed Linda Burford.

During the robbery, Maggie Dowell was tied up, strangled and left for dead in the tavern’s women’s restroom.

Smith and Pauley both received life sentences in 1981. But after sentencing laws changed in 1984, their sentences became eligible for review.

After several attempts at parole, in April the board granted Pauley his potential release in July. During his parole hearing, Pauley said he panicked, and shot the two men as a result. 

The board determined he was eligible for release for several reasons, according to state documents, including that he was a low risk to re-offend, he had remained sober and out of trouble in prison, and participated in support groups and therapy sessions.

Former Congressman and King County Sheriff Dave Reichert said he does not believe Pauley has been rehabilitated because he never has shown any remorse for his crimes.

Reichert said because of that, Pauley reminds him of serial killers he’s investigated, including Gary Ridgway and Ted Bundy.

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