Faculty members were asked to return to Eastside Catholic School on Friday after a controversial shake-up.

According to an online petition, the school's Interim President Father William Heric fired two principals, and at least eight faculty members resigned.

The petition, which asked for Heric to be removed and staff members to be reinstated, gathered more than 400 signatures.

The administrative changes were announced on Aug. 2, less than a month before school was scheduled to begin.

The school held a town hall Wednesday evening after hearing “strong opposition to the changes from both the faculty and our community,” according to a school spokesperson.

On Friday afternoon, a release from the school said, “Based on all the feedback, we realized that both the changes and their timing were a mistake. The decision was made yesterday to reverse these changes and go back to the previous structure. This decision was announced in an email that was sent to our community last night.”

Father Heric was removed as the school’s interim president. He remains the school chaplin and community liaison. Two board members resigned, according to the release.

“We have now invited the administrators and faculty to rejoin us on the first day of school,” the release stated.

The first day of school has been rescheduled for Aug 30, a week later than originally scheduled.