One of the major bridges through Portland was shut down Wednesday night on reports of bearded mean wearing camo and carrying a rifle.

Turns out, it was all for a good cause.

We didn't mean to shake up the community or shut down the Burnside Bridge, said Matthew Jenkins, outside the PortlandPolice station. Just going to save boobs, you know?

The men are part of Stumptown Stash and Beard Collective. They were participating in a photoshoot for a calender that will raise money for the charity Beards for Breast Cancer.

Several police cars blocked the bridge while officers, reportedly with guns drawn, approached the men.

We just did what we were told, said Jenkins. We're good guys.

Portland Police said 13 men were arrested, but the group said there were only 10 of them. Only a few of them were wearing camo.

I was wearing an N'Sync t-shirt when they told me to get down, said Jedediah Aaker, who has been growing his beard for two years.

In spite of the charitable nature of their effort, Portland Police Lt. Robert King said two will be charged with disorderly conduct for handling an assault rifle in public and causing alarm to people.