In the first week of Washington's new distracted driving law, Washington State Patrol officers wrote 27 tickets.

Troopers made contact with 337 drivers for violating the new law in the first week, the state patrol said in a statement.

Four motorists received written warnings and 306 drivers got a verbal warning.

In the week prior to the law going into effect, troopers made contact with 273 people and wrote 118 tickets. The old law prohibited holding your cell phone to your ear while driving.

The new law, which went into effect July 23, prohibits using your phone at all while driving.

Distracted driving also includes eating, drinking, or smoking. However, those are secondary offenses, meaning drivers can't be stopped solely on that basis.

The state patrol said they'd honor a grace period for the new law until January to help educate drivers. Other law enforcement agencies in the Puget Sound area are not.