MILL CREEK, Wash. — Federal regulators could announce a ban on flavored vape products as early as Thursday according to USA Today, but a Mill Creek student is ahead them.

Katerina Vaagen, a freshman at Henry M. Jackson High School, started a pledge to stop and prevent vaping at her school in October after hearing about vaping-related illnesses across the country. 

So far, there have been more than 6,000 cases of vaping-related lung illnesses and at least 34 deaths.

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Vaagen created a logo and brought an idea to start a pledge to the high school's principal. She said hundreds of students signed it during the school's lunch period.

No Vape Pledge
Photo courtesy of Katerina Vaagen

"There was a kid who would ask me if I wanted to vape with him every single day after English class and that's how I know that this is such a big problem," said Vaagen.

"I want people to feel like they are supported and not have to deal with peer pressure because that's really hard for a lot of kids to deal with and I think that it's unfortunate that a lot of kids aren't as informed as they should be about vaping," she continued.

The pledge asks students who already vape to begin their journey to quit. If they know of someone who vapes, help them or encourage them to stop. Finally, don't try vaping if you haven't already.

Students at Heatherwood Middle School will start the pledge on Wednesday.

Heatherwood Middle School "no vape" pledge
Photo courtesy Katie Stark

"I think that even if I only can reach just one person, that's enough for this to be worth it for me," said Vaagen.