Nordstrom was selected BEST Men's Apparel, BEST Women's Apparel, BEST Men's Shoes, BEST Women's Shoes, and BEST Lingerie by the voters of Western Washington in 2016's Best of Western Washington contest.

That's a whole lot of bests! So what's Nordstrom’s secret? Let's go inside to find out!

Fashion in all colors, shapes and sizes --

"really the very best of what the market has to offer"

Together under one roof.

"We try to offer customers a wide mix of merchandise so they can create a fashion look however they want,” said spokeperson John Bailey. “Everything from designer merchandise, popular brands even to our own exclusive label product. and we think that's more relevant today than ever considering how customer's shop. They like to mix price points whether they're high or low and create a look that's uniquely their own."

The string of success, all started with shoes.

"Shoes are really the foundation of who we are as a brand,” said Bailey. “We started as a shoe store in 1901, and we really work hard to bring in an amazing selection of shoes for our customers."

Everything from Nike to Christian Louboutin.

And Nordstrom’s ability to connect customers with the people behind these brands, helps them stand out.

"Customers here in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest love fashion, and they keep up with their favorite designers via social media,” said Bailey. “So for us it's a thrill when we can offer them the experience of meeting these creative visionaries of their favorite brands.”

All of Nordstrom’s buyers work right here in Seattle, which gives them extra insight on their selections.

"They're able to take their knowledge, the Pacific Northwest as well as customer feedback and the feedback from our sales people to make the decisions on the merchandise they bring in the store," said Bailey.

That means plenty of outerwear, shoes for all seasons, and a plethora of plaid.

But the common thread that truly makes this the best fashion destination in Western Washington?

"It's the great employees that work for us.,” said Bailey. “It's our salespeople that work with customers each day. They're the ones who work hard to deliver a great shopping experience for every customer who comes into our stores."

Nordstrom is now focusing on giving customers the best holiday shopping experience!

And if you think you need a little help, you can book a free appointment with one of their personal stylists.

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