SEATTLE — Logan, a ten-week-old German Shepherd puppy, suffers from a heart defect that has drastically decreased his life expectancy. The vet gave him one month to a year to live. Logan's foster Lindie Saenz is determined to make Logan's life, however long, as joyful as possible for the puppy. Saenz is a volunteer at Rescued Hearts Northwest, a rescue for at-risk dogs located in Ferndale, Washington, where she first met Logan. 

Saenz created a bucket list for Logan to make sure he's getting the most out of every day and he's already made an impressive dent in it. So far Logan has eaten ice cream and hamburgers, gone swimming and to the park, and he's even being honored with a soda flavor from the Seattle-based Jones Soda Company. One of Logan's last goals is to get 100 hugs. Saenz brings Logan to New Day Northwest to talk about his journey, get some more hugs, and chat about an offer from a vet in Colorado may give Logan the chance he needs to live a longer life. 

Updates on Logan's Colorado journey:Donate to Rescued Heart's Go-Fund-Me to help. You can also donate to Rescued Heart's Northwest to help them continue their lifesaving work. Keep track of Logan's journey on Rescue Heart's Facebook page.

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