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Finding the BEST BUBBLE TEA in Seattle! 😍 – BOBA GUIDE | Local Lens Seattle

We visit 4 boba shops around Seattle!
Credit: KING 5

SEATTLE — We’re getting our BOBA on!

I went out for some bubble tea shop hopping in Seattle in hopes of finding the BEST. There are so many in the city, so why not check out 4 of them?! If you’ve never heard of bubble tea/boba milk tea, it’s a popular traditional Taiwanese drink. And boba, also known as pearls, are chewy balls made of tapioca. YUM!

I’m rating them on... 1) Tea quality, 2) Tapioca Game, and 3) just overall aesthetic -- because hello Instagram/Tik-Tok vibes. Obviously this is such a difficult challenge *sarcasm LOL* --  but it definitely did give me a sugar high. So, I brought my friend Kelly Le (we will gladly be referred to as Kelly squared) for a little help. If you read this far, tell me your favorite spot to get bubble tea in the comments! Maybe I’ll go there next 😊

Now for the shops I visited:

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