Most people's Christmas decorating consists of a tree, some lights, and maybe an inflatable Santa in the front yard if they're feeling especially festive. 

For Patty Wagner, however, it's a whole other story. 

Her "Christmas room" takes two hours per day for two months to construct and is different (and more elaborate) every year. She creates a magical, miniature winter wonderland, where you can see the tiny residents of the enchanting town doing everything from ice skating to riding in a Santa hot air balloon. 

"There are times when I'm halfway through and I think 'why in the blank-blank am I doing this?'" Wagner said with a laugh. 

The holiday masterpiece starts out in the garage, then moves to the dining room, and finally ends up in Wagner's greenhouse. 

"It's like playing dolls," she said. "I think there's like a thousand people at least." 

While Wagner loves her miniature people, the life-sized people are what it's all about. Her village is a huge hit each year with children in the area. 

"You kinda wanna hug 'em, and their eyes get so big," Wagner said. "I mean, you gotta just tear up and think, 'yeah, it is worth it.'" 

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