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The most mind-blowing restrooms of Western Washington

They're #1 for #1. (And #2.)

Who're tops in toiletry? Here's a look at some of our area's most commendable commodes.

"It's like being in a museum," Centralia's Olympic Club Property Manager Matt Osborne said.

The hotel, theater, and pub is a onetime gentlemen's gambling hall with a royal flush that remains to this day.

"The men's bathroom is known for our urinals," Osborne said. "Our urinals are original to the building, 1908. They're about the size of a small town. They're handmade; they're porcelain; they're beautiful. They're absolute pieces of art."

But the newly created women's room at this McMenamins property is plumbing perfection.

Osborne said, "There's twelve faucets back there. They all work. You can use your feet to turn them on. You can use your hands."

Gallaghers' Where-U-Brew, a do-it-yourself public brewery in Edmonds, features a bathroom that boasts coasters from coast to coast, and beyond.

Owner Tom Kretzler said, "That is 22 years' worth of customers going all over the world, drinking beer and bringing back coasters and sticking them on the wall."

Nearly every square inch of the restroom's walls are covered with coasters. How many thousands are there?

"Feel free to count," said co-owner Marcie Kretzler.

Check in at the W Bellevue, and check out their WC for he and she.

The restroom, with its lakefront outhouse design and a common area shared by both genders, has become a provocative tourist destination all its own. The potties are private, but the sinks are co-ed.

"(It) can provoke all kinds of reactions as you might imagine, from people giggling to people stepping back out to see if they've come in the right door there," said General Manager Matt Van Der Peet.

The unisex restroom at SoDo's Eden will tempt you to stay awhile and make you think.

Owner George Freeman said, "I thought the greatest place to teach a lesson is in the bathroom."

The luxury loo at this event space features an eye-catching bank of sinks just outside the restroom, illuminated by color-shifting LED lights.

"If you come out of that bathroom and don't wash your hands, we know who you are," joked owner George Freeman.

There are a full-sized Sputnik satellite and spacewalking astronaut mannequin floating from the ceiling, and a sculpted, hairy homage to the origins of humanity.

"Lucy, the earliest human is there," Freeman said. "I thought that we should talk about our beginnings, our ends. Where do we come from and where are we going?"

Freeman's restroom is more than just a potty stop. It's a gateway to inspiration.

"Just go in there, be at peace with yourself. Enjoy the atmosphere and think. In a bathroom. On your way to space."

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