They say the best camera is the one you have with you. But if that camera happens to be your phone the Seattle company, Moment wants to make it even better.

When Marc Barros launched his lenses for phones photography idea, he wasn't sure people would buy in to his point of view.

"Just put it up on Kickstarter to figure out does anyone care, is there a market? And we raised about 500 grand so it was like, oh, there's actually a market here."

They started out making telephoto and a wide-angle lens that attached to your phone with just a twist. Now the 'make your phone a better camera' company has twice the lenses plus a line of accessories that can be used on almost every phone out there. Allowing a user to capture images on their phones like never before.

"What we love about the phone is that it's getting better every year, our gear gets better every time the phone gets better." Said Barros.

Besides making quality products, Moment credits social media for helping bring their Seattle based brand to a worldwide audience.

"YouTube we started tinkering with 6 months ago and so in the last 6 months it's taken off from like 0 to 50 thousand subscribers."

Their how-to videos and reviews are both helpful and humorous. And they've made pseudo-stars of two of their employees.

"Often times, when you make products you get very serious about your products and stuff, can become very serious and I think Caleb and Niles have made us less serious and more approachable."

They've become so approachable, 30 percent of their sales are from users outside the U-S.

But while the bottom line is important to any business, Moment also loves seeing the memories their customers are capturing.

"You see these amazing images that are like, 'wow, they shot that with the product?' That definitely the high for me and the whole team is seeing people use the product, give you great feedback saying they can't live without it."

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