Improperly sorted garbage leads to an environmental catastrophe which gives rise to mega-mutants who can only be stopped by one team: The Seattle Seahawks.

That is the perfectly plausible premise of the aptly named Seahawks vs. Monsters, a short film that's spread like a radioactive virus across the internet.

The filmmakers, Chris Caldwell and Zeek Earl, pitched the idea to the Hawks with low expectations.

“Our first thought was there's no way we get to do this,” said Chris.

When the Seahawks surprisingly said yes, Chris and Zeek's team at Shep Films, along with Seattle's Electric Coffin design studio, sprang into action.

“So we set up a whole studio set adjacent to the practice field,” said Zeek. “Put it out to the team, we're like, ‘Who wants to be in it?’ And we thought maybe, like, one or two guys would do it. And we were surprised that a lot of people wanted to be in this.”

They were also surprised by the players' enthusiastic performances.

“They would bring a lot of their own ideas into it,” said Chris. “When you give a football player a monster to attack, they're going to have a lot of ideas.”

“There's a goofy guy in a fish costume and there's these ridiculous sets,” said Zeek. “And we have, like, 60 seconds to explain it to them because there's so little time. And they all took it really seriously. And they got really into it.”

Seahawks vs. Monsters might not win an Oscar, but it's won the hearts of fans happy to see the lighter side of their favorite team.

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