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This Tacoma man is making sure kids in his hometown get breakfast during coronavirus outbreak

He'll be working milkman hours to get cereal into homes of hungry children during the coronavirus outbreak.

TACOMA, Wash. — For years Kwabi Amoah-Forson has been best known around Tacoma as the guy who drives around in the light blue Peace Bus.

So you might be surprised to see his latest passengers.

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“I got the Frosted Flakes,” he said after opening the door to the back. “It's a big winner with the kids!”

He's got boxes and boxes of cereal he's delivering door to door-- free-- to Tacoma kids who may not get breakfast amid school closings during the coronavirus outbreak. He’s raised more than a $1,000 on his Go Fund Me page and just this morning a neighbor handed him a $100 bill.

“I am bringing the Peace Bus to them and that is what this is about,” said Amoah-Forson, who has always been the kind of guy to pitch in.

“As someone who is promoting peace, we can't just talk about it,” he said. “Can't just talk about it. Can't just say ‘Peace and love’. We have to act on it.”

For years he's been delivering socks and blankets to Tacoma's homeless. He's taken road trips to the Mexican border to deliver messages of peace. He’s visited schools and he's produced a Peace Bus children's show that he hopes will air locally.

“Our kids are smart,” he said. “We need to listen to them.”

And we need to feed them which is why Amoah-Forson will be hitting the road a lot earlier than he's used to.

“Six-thirty is when I'm going to get up,” he said. “ I haven't gotten up that early since high school but the need is there.”

And since the subject is cereal, we had to ask.

“Favorite cereal growing up? Oh, that's easy! Cinnamon Toast Crunch. All-time," he laughed.

To get your Tacoma kids on the breakfast cereal list or to donate to the Peace Bus Breakfast Fund visit The Peace Bus website.

While delivering children's cereal, and helping a lot of homeless people, Amoah-Forson tries to understand the protests in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd. He does more than listen, but he says listening is a good first step.

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