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If you didn't think Seattle coffee could get any bougier, think again - That's A Thing!?

The latest Starbucks coffee creation has people paying more than $25 for a coffee experience.


Yup... you read that right. TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS.

The new Starbucks Reserve Store in Seattle's Sodo district offers a pricey siphon experience for those who want to drink coffee that's brewed in what might look like your high school chemistry class equipment -- or the set of Breaking Bad.

But expensive AF coffee isn't anything new. And no, we're not talking about your $6 Frappuccino.

John Howie used to offer Kopi Luwak for $45 a cup, which is known as the most expensive coffee in the world. What makes it so pricey? It's made of coffee beans collected from Civet poop.


Kopi Luwak producers say the process of digestion through the civets helps improve the coffee because the animals are particular about which coffee berries they choose to eat. Then, their digestive systems enhance the flavor.

Can anyone say Crappucino?

Eleven Madison Park serves $24 cups of coffee in NYC. And in California, Klatch Coffee charges $55 per cup.

Bye, money!


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