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AtmosFX Halloween holograms bring ghosts to life

Halloween is creeping closer, and there's no better way to get into the spirit than with an innovative new way to scare the neighbors.
AtmosFX creates illusions and animations for holidays like Halloween and Christmas.

SEATTLE — Growing up in a world of animation and imagination, Pete Reichert always had a knack for creativity. “Even as a kid I was always into Halloween and the holidays. Always the person working on crazy costume ideas.”

After spending his early working life as a Beavis and Butthead producer at MTV, he helped launch AtmosFX .

Specializing in “digital decorations," AtmosFX allows anyone to deck out their home or event’s holiday look with professionally animated visual effects – all you need is a projector or television set.

“People love to go to Disney's Haunted Mansion and all these really fun places. Could we take this same concept, creating a visual effect or illusion, and kind of make it something anyone can use?”

Pete and his team make both the equipment and the visual effects, and their digital decorations can be projected on just about anything, from windows and walls to larger screens for a three-dimensional effect.

Beyond just Halloween, they also offer some not-so-creepy creations. With three unique scenes to choose from, AtmosFX’s Christmas selection brings Santa right into your living room.

Ultimately, though, the scary stuff is what gets the most buzz.

“Sometimes we're trying to scare the bejesus out of people…but I think we have different kinds of material. We have stuff that's family-friendly that kids will like, and then we have stuff that's not so family friendly where kids will definitely be scared.”

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