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Girl Meets Dirt does a slow jam in Washington's San Juan Islands

A gift that delivers a taste of Washington's San Juan Islands.

Girl Meets Dirt on Orcas Island is preserving the art of slow simmered homegrown preserves:

“Everything we do is single varietal, small batch. You can connect every single jar to the tree and the orchard that it came from,” said Audra Lawlor, who gave up a Wall Street finance career to make jam on Orcas Island. Girl Meets Dirt evolved out of a blog she launched describing her adventures on the island.

Lawlor makes all her preserves from island fruit - including special cutting preserves that take the local flavor up a notch:

"Our cutting preserves are very unique in the world of preserves. They're known as 'fruit cheese' in Europe. But there's no cheese in the product,”

“The cutting preserves are a labor of love, we cook them really slowly to slowly evaporate off the water to concentrate them,” said Lawlor.

A unique gift for anyone who craves a taste of the San Juans.

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