Bethany Roullett has always enjoyed playing dress up. Once she realized she could still do it as an adult, it opened her up to a world of creating elaborate, handmade costumes.

"I started doing the historical medieval costumes, and they weren't very good, but I was proud of them because I made them myself. And you've got to start somewhere," said Roullett.

Roullett continued teaching herself how to create even more detailed designs and eventually started showing them off through the world of cosplay.

"I think at my first convention they needed more people in the costume contest, so somebody just came and grabbed me out and was like, here you're going to be in this now. and I did it, and I loved it."

While some costumes can take several months to create, she says she's not afraid to try anything because of the way the costumes make her feel.

"They just make you carry yourself different," said Roullett. "And if you're wearing an elaborate headpiece or a corset you're just going to sit up a little straighter. And if the character is regal, you'll just carry yourself that way, and you'll be regal, too. It really makes you feel special."

Even if cosplay isn't your thing, Bethany says playing dress-up gives everyone a chance to try on a different persona. And she says your costumes don't have to be as elaborate as hers.

"Just take it down to simple pieces. Does your daughter want to be wonder woman? Find a blue skirt and paint white stars on it and wear a red shirt. And she's going to feel like wonder woman, and she'll walk around blocking bullets with her bracelets, and it'll be great because imagination goes a long way.

Roulett says LEGO Ninjago Ninjas are also a popular costume idea this year that would be easy to replicate.

"Find a matching pants and shirt in any color, because they have every color of ninja. And you can get a little bit of fabric or something to tie around your waist as a belt."

But she says the most important part of creating your own costume, is to find the confidence to make your dream character come to life.

"Just go out and tell yourself you can do it. And you'll be like, 'Look at this thing I did, this is amazing!' And it'll be great, and people will recognize that sense of accomplishment in you."

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