OLYMPIA, Wash. — Evening producer Jose Cedeno (“Extreme Jose”) spent the day with dogs, but not just any dogs.

Extreme Jose is helping train police dogs.

“You’ve got a dog that’s just thinking about biting you,” said AJ Peper of Cascade Schutzhund Club. “They come really fast, bite really hard. I would say 99 percent of them only are going to bite the sleeve.”

Schutzhund is a sport that involves rigorous dog training. Schutzhund is German for “protection dog.”

Trainers gave Cedeno strict instructions to not move unless they told him to, stay clam and don't scream," said Peper.

When it was Cedeno’s turn to get bitten (with a protective bite sleeve on, of course) by one of the police dogs, he was getting nervous but kept a calm composure.

Extreme Jose gets ready for action as he puts on his "bite sleeve."
Extreme Jose gets ready for action as he puts on his "bite sleeve."

He did a few test runs where he stayed still and let the dog come to him, then he also did a few where he was running away from the dog - trying not to get bit.

We already know who the winner was in this segment of “Extreme Jose.”

If you are interested in learning more about police dog training contact Cascade Schutzhund Club located at, 6248 Henderson Blvd. SE in Olympia.

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