Federal Way, WASH — They're the size of a standard softball and weigh two whole pounds.

When it comes to traditional Korean dumplings, Federal Way's Daebak Wang Mandoo does not mess around.

“Bigger is better. Go big or go home maybe, I guess?” laughed Jimmy Chin.

And they’ve got to go big -- it says so in the name.

“Mandoo is dumpling,” Chin said. “Wang is king-sized or king. And Daebak is wow or awesome.”

Chin had been working in the banking industry when this "daebak" opportunity rang. Now this self-described perfectionist and his wife Janet spend their days making dumplings.

“Everything is made from scratch,” Chin said. “Everything is weighed out to the gram just so we can get it all perfected. All of our vegetables are cut by hand. And then we use pork inside for meat.”

The dumplings are steamed to an exact time before they’re served.

“It's like any form of art you know?" Chin said. "You want to get it as perfect as possible and that's what we try to do."

The result: One of the rare meals that will fill you up for $5.

At Daebak Wang Mandoo, the bigger they are, the better they taste.

Daebak Wang Mandoo is open every day but Tuesday and is located at 33100 Pacific Highway S. in Federal Way.

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