CONCONULLY, Wash. — When you visit the small Washington town of Conconully, you might notice unique wooden paintings outside several of the homes and small businesses. The locals call them quilts.

The quilts are taken from the Civil War era, but locals Janet and Howard Warner make them unique.

"We personalize them by adding silhouettes. And the silhouettes depict the area -- so we have mining on our quilts and we also have local wildlife," said Janet.

Janet and Howard have designed many quilts for people all around the town.

"Almost everywhere you go, you will find a quilt on a building," Janet said.

The two are fabric quilters first but thought it would be a natural next step to take those patterns and transfer them onto wood.

But really, they do it because they love the town.

"Everybody in the town looks after everybody that is here. We love Conconully!"

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